Booklet design for architecture companies is usually square and safe. However, James Law Cybertecture is a bold and creative company, and we thought we should try something different.

JLC believes in the integration of technology and architecture which can create a better tomorrow to mankind  and hence, we came up with the theme,“Letter form future” for the booklet, using a friendly approach to express how JLC’s innovative concept affects our livese today and tomorrow.

There are many innovative projects from JLC so we used large visuals whenever possible showcasing the Wow effects of the projects themselves. Together with the punchy and creative  copy in the form of letters, the booklet is made all the more fun and readable.

We purposely designed the booklet to be larger than the average promotional item. The size of the booklet can emphasize the powerful visuals and it can make an unforgettable first impression on the recipients as they receive it.

This booklet helps JLC to establish a creative and approachable corporate image. Meanwhile, it is also creating positive attention  and bringing a number of business opportunities to the firm.


"Letter from Future"
Company borchure
Launch at year 2015
90 pages, perfect binding
420mm (H) x 297mm (W)