Ziliani, a high-end construction material provider in Hong Kong, is true to its mission of “bringing you the best we can” in sourcing and providing high quality materials to clients.

Ziliani strives to develop their own brand and apply their belief into different aspects. We extracted the essence of the company mission of “the best”and contextualized it in the brand’s perspective, interpreting “ the best only as the best for you”. With this, we extended the concept to its sub-brands.

Not only do we aim to design a good-looking logo, we believe a successful brand should have meaning and life within. Before developing the brand name and its logo, we would first create the brand story before coming up with the name or visuals.  In fact,  Bora Bora, Saffron and Phrazeeach has its own interesting tale, reflecting “Ziliani’s best” from different angles, making an intangible belief into a tangible branding outcomes (substantiating the design proposal and making it more dynamic).


BoraBora is one of the best resort islands on earth and the brand tailor-makes deluxe living space, creating private islands for their clients.

Saffron is one of the most expensive  spices and the name highlights the premium materials used by the brand, and also alludes to the clients’ culinary talents, bringing the kitchen to life.

Phraze is developed from the word “phrase”. Every piece of tailor-made furniture is like a well-crafted phrase, complementing each other to form a beautiful “story” expressing owner’s unique style. 


“bringing you the best we can”

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